Guy Debord: Panegyric

”  …’As to his plan, we flatter ourselves we can demonstrate that he has none – that he writes almost at random, mingling facts and bringing them together without connexion or order; confounding the affairs of one epoch with those belonging to another; disdaining to justify his accusations or eulogies; adopting without examination, and without that critical spirit so necessary to the historian, the false judgments of prejudice, of rivalry or of enmity, and the exaggerations of spite or bad feelings; attributing actions to some, and language to others, incompatible with their stations and characters; never quoting any witness but himself, nr better authority than his own assertions.’…”

“I have never regretted. It might easily be said that in terms of wealth or reputation I had nothing to lose; but after all, neither had I anything to gain.”

” I have never understood where my life could have been different or how it ought to be justified.”

“Men much more knowledgeable than I have explained very well the origin of what has come to pass: “Exchange value could arise only as a representative of use value, but the victory it eventually won with its own weapons created the conditions for its own autonomous power. By mobilizing all human use value and monopolizing its fulfillment, exchange value ultimately succeeded in controlling use. Usefulness has come to be seen purely in terms of exchange value, and is now completely at its mercy. Starting out like a condottiere in the service of use value, exchange value has ended up  waging the war for its own sake.’ ”

“The general decadence is a means in the service of the empire of servitude, and it is only as this means that it is permitted to be called progress.

One should know that servitude henceforth truly wants to be loved for its own sake and no longer because it might bring some extrinsic  advantage. Previously, it could pass for a protection, but it no longer protects anything.”

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