Slavoj Zizek: Big Brother, or, the Triumph of the Gaze over the Eye

Fornicating office workers & the voice of God! How can you go wrong, Zizek proves to be funny and insightful.

“Fantasy proper is not the scene itself that attracts our fascination, but the non-existent imagined gaze observing it….”

“Someone out there looking at us”… “we are the objects in someone’s dream.”

“I exist only insofar as I am looked at all the time”

“What we obtain here is the tragic-comic reversal of the Bentham-Orwellian notion of the Panopticon-society in which we are (potentially) “observed always” and have no place to hide from the omnipresent gaze of the Power: today, anxiety seems to arise from the prospect of NOT being exposed to the Other’s gaze all the time, so that the subject needs the camera’s gaze as a kind of ontological guarantee of his/her being.”

“…what if “real sex” is nothing but masturbation with a real partner? What if, even if I am doing it with a real partner, what ultimately sustains my enjoyment is not the partner as such, but the secret fantasies that I invest in it?”


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