How do we persuade others? With this week’s readings we looked at Michael Mateas’s Terminal Time as critical point within a conversation about the rhetorical qualities of procedural media. How do video games influence our thinking, how are they educational? Terminal Time produces an ideologically distorted historical narrative based on its viewer’s clapping. As an expressive system its narrative production operates as a critique of the rhetorical bias inherent to all narrative formation including its own, and as a critique of computational rhetoric When procedural media increasingly operates as our cultural context, how does its technical literature inform our perspective about how the world should or can be? Social psychologists have time and again argued that context/situation informs the normative direction of group dynamics, it just so happens that today’s context is in part defined by procedural arguments, that most people are naive to. How are these systems of thought, seeping into the popular habits of students and neighbors? To what extent does its materiality make its presence self evident? I’m not sure. How do the GPS devices in people’s cars change their sense of place, mobility, and direction? How does WiFi on the bus change the politics of shared space? Rhetoric is inherently about the definition of public space. Procedural rhetoric marks a critical juncture of the materialist notions of context and the linguistic development of projected agency. A language that defines a new kind of context, and the ideas, beliefs, and perspectives that come along with it.

some readings


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