DANM 211 critique time

What is your ideal use of Dustin’s hour for this Thursday’s DANM 211 class?


idea A

I would like to do any or all of these:
1. hear some some of your favorite poetry/literature read aloud by you
2. lie silently on the grass for 30 minutes if the weather is nice
3. have everyone silently draw objects you bring in (with paper/pencils you provide)
4. discuss whether we want to do anything for the “teach out” next week

idea B

I feel like danmites need some social time. Some “how are you holding up?” time and some “is everyone doing okay?” time and some “when was the last time you laid on the grass and watched the clouds?” time. Actually, maybe we should do that last thing.

idea C

It’s up to you, but I would say that the ideal use would be that Dustin presents his project and we discuss it, as we are doing with the rest of the people.

idea D



idea E

you mentioned an agroecology grant this summer. an ideal use of my time would be for you to present this project and how you define “agroecology”.

idea F

show your work/proposal to be critiqued.

idea G

Hmmm…. it is hard for me to think of things off the top of my head. In a sense this kind of invitation to dialogue works best for me when there is more to react to. . . . meaning if there is some kind of thoughtful context, not really a provocation but a ethical and social framework. So I am not sure what to say. But I would enjoy looking at clouds. Or maybe if you could design a walk that is meaningful to you.

Instructions for preferential voting:
Select three ideas in a order of preference, your first selection gets 3 points, for your second selection gets 2 point, and your third selection gets 1 point. Once you’ve compiled your list email it to me.

idea B: 3
idea A: 2
idea D: 1


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