DANM 203 presentation


The Act of Study by Paulo Freire
I’ve heard Paulo Freire described as the John Dewey of the 2nd half of the 20th century, there are very few educators of similar statues. Freire’s writings (most notably, Pedagogy of the Oppressed) have inspired several generations of critical pedagogues. The act of study is a nice short introduction to the general tone and perspective of critical pedagogy as a praxis. Currently I’m interested in how such strategies can be applied to art and media education, as a kind of post-conceptual art practice that’s in productive relations-dissidence with broad notions of social justice.

Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind pages 21 – 34 by Shunryu Suzuki
After having a deep affair with John Cage and Allan Kaprow’s works, my interests eventually let me to the source of much of their thinking – Zen Buddhism. The excerpt selected from Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind, from a personal perspective represents my first steps in approaching Zen. From a more general perspective I think Shunryu Suzuki’s words are accessible to an open-receptive western mind, this is not always the case with zen texts do the historical linear coming from Japan.

Optional: the thesis prospectus might illuminate something, but if you’re really hungry for more, consider exploring the Kaprow and Dewey selections in the library folder.




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