DANM 211 critique time reflections

At first it felt like endurance art because it was very hot and sunny and the grass was a bit prickly. But after a few minutes I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiant sounds of birds and traffic and wind. I spent most of my time marveling at the structure of the grass seeds, shimmering gold, feathery in the breeze. I was just getting into a relaxed state of mind when it was over. 30 minutes would have been better for me.


During my 15 minutes in the grass I looked at the tall grass around me; in particular I gazed at a piece that was taller than the rest, and behind that the deep blue mid day sky. Then I put my hat over my face so I wouldn’t get sunburned. The sun was hot. I heard a siren in the distance and cars and trucks rumbling along empire grade. I imagined hearing insects humming in the field but they were not there. I thought about how dogs like to jump through this kind of unmowed field. I thought that maybe the deer lie in this same spot to sleep at night. I remembered seeing a place in the mountains where a Moose and her baby had slept leaving their giant impressions in the crushed grass. Oh, then Levi said it had been fifteen minutes. I was reluctant to leave.


We had our time together on the knoll by the Music Dept.
The weather was perfect, though a bit hot really in the sun.
We laid down, and a soft breeze was going. I decided to
get some texting done, and I liked the way my keys
clicked and clacked as I typed away. I wondered what the
others thought, and decided they would like the sound,
as it was kind of non obtrusive and rhythmic. After a while
Jennifer pointed to a hawk hovering in the sky.
Then, after an amazing release, time began again, and it was over.


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