Nato Thompson on “Socially Engaged Art Outside the Bounds of an Artistic Discipline”

A few things that I enjoyed from this talk

1. In section 1 of his lecture Thompson illustrates the overwhelming scope of social practice history with a slide that depicts Paulo Freire and many-many other non-art influences. I think the urge to create an oversimplified historical narrative is simultaneously necessary and problematic.

2. Shannon Jackson’s Social Works, and her critique of the disciplinary differences between the “arts” coupled with the historical and geographical specificity of how and where many of these arts practices emerged and developed further complicates the way we make sense of these things. Social Works by Shannon Jackson and Suzanne Lacy’s Leaving Art are great books.

3. Nato’s comments on resistance as a form of meaning production, dialogue that operates under a different logic, the production of meaning is both product of language and spatial.

I apologize for these notes being so out of context. I imagine most of you won’t have time to watch the lecture, but if you have time it is well worth it.


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