Me You Hoxton Too Intro

The following was originally written at the introduction to the publication.

Welcome! This online publication emerged out of the desire to document the project Me You Hoxton Too. Me You Hoxton Too was a collaborative effort between Access All Areas, PEER Participate, and artist Dustin O’Hara. It took place in the east London neighbourhood of Hoxton in 2012. Like most socially engaged work, its function and meaning is inseparable from the wider social, material, and historical conditions that have enabled the work to happen. As a way of discussing the many issues that have, and are, shaping the Hoxton neighborhood, while simultaneously reflecting the discursive nature of Me You Hoxton Too, this publication contains a number of interviews and texts from the various players involved. The hope is that this collection of information will provide an enriched understanding of both Hoxton the place as well as the various projects being presented.

– Dustin O’Hara

This publication has been made possible through support from PEER Participate,
with funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Edited and compiled by Dustin O’Hara.
View the Table of Contents to find the interviews and texts.

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