How Fast You Could Travel Across the United States in 1800

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This map from the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States (1932) shows how long it took to travel across the United States in 1800, with a starting point in New York City. For example, New York City to New Orleans took about four weeks. By comparison, the map below shows rates of travel in 1930, when railroads allowed travelers to cross the country in about 4 days. For more maps, check out Mother Nature Network.


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  1. wmc-boston said:

    To everyone involved: These are very important graphs which properly presented and executed could serve as a center-piece for learning many things: Geography, economics, what did happen? (History) Geopolitics today.
    One may ask: What rates of movement similar to 1800, or any given year, are prevalent today in certain regions of the world, and why may that be so?

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