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” The history of the intersection of art and technology is one of the prognostications of an irrefutable, inevitable, and even immanent future that never comes to pass-at least not exactly as we thought it might”

1. The Dream if Symbiosis

“Interaction is banal. We talk to each other on the street. We breathe in the air, modify it chemically, then breathe it back out to be breathed in by others. We drive cars. We make love. We walk through a forest and scare a squirrel. I am looking forward to a time when interaction in art becomes as banal and unremarkable… merely another tool in the artistic palette, to be used when appropriate”

2. The Dream of Emergence

“agents residing on one scale start producing behavior that lies one scale above them: ants create colonies; urbanites create neighborhoods; simple pattern-recognition software learns how to recommend new books. The movement from low-level rules to higher-level sophistication is what we call emergence”

3. The Dream if Immersion

virtual reality

4. The Dream of World Peace

“As Kit Galloway & Serrie Rabinowitz put it: “We must create at the same scale as we can destroy. The counterforce to the scale of destruction is the scale of communication, and … our legacy or epitaph ability to creatively employ informal, multimedia, multicultural, conversational, telecommunications and information technologies”

5. The Dream of Transparency

“the modernist ethics of form follows function without camouflaging artifice, or the contemporary open source movement and general public license, which require software code to be accessible and modifications to be returned to the community of users for further iteration. Transparency also has tendrils in events like Happenings or cinema verite, which break down the codes of theater and film to transparently present life as art.”

6. The Dream of Flows

“Utopia is not the construction of a new city; utopia is the movement towards tge potential of working together with the complexity of an existing big city in order to develop new forms of urban agencies”

7. The Dream of the Open Work

“A work of art is a complete and closed form in its uniqueness as balanced organic whole, while at the same time constituting an open product on account of its susceptibility to countless different interpretations which do not impinge upon its unadulterated specificity. Hence, every reception of a work of art is both an interpretation and a performance of it, because in every reception the work takes on a fresh perspective. –  Umberto”

8. the Dream of the Other

Frankenstein to glowing bunnies

9. The dream of a New Art

Out of this new technology a containable – identifiable New art will emerge

10. Hacking the Dream / conclusion

“Many of these tactical media projects get shut down by “legal bugs” or stepped-up security features, but as long as the basic protocols of the internet remain open, hacking the dream – artistically and politically – will remain viable. Unfortunately, continued openness is not a foregone conclusion and the future dreams of technology may be only what the corporations and institutions can imagine, which would be the biggest failure of all.”

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