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we all crowded in a car to avoid getting hit my lightning. With rain making the dirt road very muddy, we slowly drove the car into a large pipeline to make it through the mountains. Eventually we left the car behind and slid on our butts down a series of inter-connected marble tubes. Arriving at home we shampooed each other, in preparation for your meeting with the real-estate agent. I woke up, I had been dreaming, it was 2AM, I stumbled through the dark hallway, urinated in what I hope was the toilet, and promptly went back to bed to sleep for another five hours and forty five minutes. I woke again, this time I took a shower, sat in my room staring at the wall, made some coffee, ate some leftovers, came to my desk and started writing. I’m sitting here, up straight, perched on the front edge of my desk. I feel movement in my bowels.

The clock says 9:09 AM. This week “Of The Selection of Images for Conscious Presentation. What Our Body Means and Does” by Henri Bergson, was dynamic read. I found this weeks readings to be much more alive when reading it in a non-linear fashion. “Now to state this proposition is enough to show its absurdity. … The picture in its totality, that is to say the whole universe, remains.” The piece seemed to privilege the notion of the image, but it made a self conscious note of it’s use.