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After receiving the news of a student’s death. I decided to read up on the clinical process of dying. And discovered many debates surrounding death, usually about demarcating what is ‘living’ verses what is ‘dead’. Towards the end of that initial reading, I received a phone call from a good friend, Blake Hodges, who recently spent a year traveling around the world. We got talking and he told me about the Torajans, an indigenous Indonesian group, that are renowned for their elaborate funerals. The Torajans’ funerals are multi-day celebrations with music, animal slaughters, and feasts. All housed in a structure that is built for that one occasion, and then left to fall apart and decompose back into the earth. I wonder how these structures determine the form of the celebration?

Manganda' dance performance at Merok atau Ma'Bua' funeral ritual, Tana Toraja.

In more general terms, how does context underscore the form and function of projects? How is knowledge and potentiality institutionalized in the construction of forums? When staging the “event of knowledge” what are the strategies for enacting collaborative pedagogical spaces and/or habits? How do we attentively listen? Where is creativity when I brush my teeth in the morning? How do the frames we look at situations through determine our sense of possibility? How do the habits of our most banal day-to-day lives ultimately articulate these beliefs? And what is the use-value of salvation?

Bagels and Cream Cheese
Knowledge and Creativity
Mall Madness and Education

These are a few of the questions and words, that are features and pit stops of my current ramblings. It’s been a fun ride so far, we’ll see where it goes.