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“Art production of the 20th century might have been a rarified field, but in the 21st century, cultural production has become a necessary component of organizing social action. In other words, if the world is a stage, then the players must learn the skills of theater.” (Thompson)
Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from the Last 20 Years

This event has already passed, but there is a great collection of lectures online, and now the release of a new book, Living as Form

You can find Nato Thompson’s lecture in the previous post, but if you go to the vimeo page for these videos you’ll find a bunch of other great talks.

Dustin O'Hara / Garfield Park Public Library

The Garfield Park Public Library dates back to 1914. It is one of the first libraries established in the Santa Cruz area. This video is documentation of a video installation that was made for and about the library.

The installation was made by spending a week in the library documenting people there, reading and studying. The footage was then rear-screen projected in a continuous loop, on the front lawn of the library.

Due to a shrinking budget, the library’s hours of operation are increasingly limited. The production of the installation has led myself and others (including the librarians and library staff) into a discussion about the nuances of this particular library system. Such a discussion reflects a more general effort to rethink the library, from simply a place of books, to understanding it as part of the commons, as a critical civic institution, and as an open free space of access in the negotiation of knowledge.

There are likely to be future collaborative possibilities for those interested in local histories of the Santa Cruz area.