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Dustin O'Hara Facebook network visualization

Facebook Network Visualization using Gephi

This visualization was made in a PhD research methods seminar at UCLA, in the Information Studies Department, at the Charles E Young Research Library. The system that was used to run the network analysis and create the visualization is called Gephi. The research librarians at YRL are full of interesting tricks and tips, if you’re in the area I recommend a visit.

The different clusters illustrate different groups and organizations I’ve been a part of over the past ten+ years. The large mass in the center, is my undergraduate class at UCLA, the top right mass are cohort members from a masters program at UC Santa Cruz. The bottom-left pink cluster are high school friends that friended me some years after our graduation. The small blue cluster below the high school group was my first job out of college at RoadTrip Nation, and the red clusters to the right of that, are close friends and family, and friends from London. The names that are scaled up, are larger because they bridge the different clicks in my network. In total, the network is made of 700+ nodes or people.


We’ve just returned from the desert. In the lead up to this year’s burn I designed the 2010 Census Data for a display on the playa. After 6 years of burning man I find my interest focusing on the long term relationships that exist on the playa. While Burning Man celebrates impermanence, there is striking continuity on both a infrastructural and social level. For instance our camp is known as Cam Neighbor Camp, a name given its name by our multiyear neighbors Fruits n Nuts. Fruits n Nuts is part of a village known as Hushville, Hushville organized by a core group of “playa” friends that go back to the late 90s. With 50% of black rock city’s population being first time burners this continuity is often missed.

The census data was printed as a tryptic set of posters. I’m hoping to have time to do an online version. The data represented covers topics from gender to income, the census seems curiously devoid of political questions. I would guess that the dominate political affiliation of burning man would be libertarian, falling in line with the rhetoric of radical self reliance and expression.

Look at the other details of the census data design

photo by Tank